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With years of experience on supplying fishing tackles, New Vision Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been committed to creating quality Fishing Lures, Minnow Jerk, Crank baits, Top water, Vibration, Popper, Metal jig, Spinner bait, Buzz baits, Swim baits, Trolling lures, Jig heads, Jig hooks, Soft baits, Ice fishing lures, Plugs, Fishing Terminal tackles such swivels and snaps, Wire Leaders and Fishing equipment. Snap swivels prevent twists or kinks in the line. They also provide a particularly efficient means of changing hooks, leaders and lures quickly. Snaps, for example, are versatile and can be used as a means to quickly change weight size, lures and hooks. Snaps are commonly used to take the place of knots, and greatly reduce the amount of tim